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Purplepeppa is a Birmingham streetwise, independent UK clothing brand for men and women with a strong sense of individual style. 

Birmingham is a city in the West Midlands of England. It is the largest and most populous British city outside London, known for hot fashion style, Purplepepppa has put a unique stamp on the world.


Designer and artist Sophia Jolly is the creative force behind the label which she first launched onto the Birmingham fashion scene in 2007. Inspired by graffiti, pop art and iconic artists, Sophia created Purplepeppa as an expressive fusion of art, attitude and life.  


Now with a team of dedicated and passionate designers, Purplepeppa is all about giving you the chance to make a style statement about who you are – and all at affordable prices.  


We’ve taken men and womens wearable wardrobe staples – slouchy sweaters, relaxed hoodies, timeless tees, & accessories and injected a Purplepeppa artistic twist. Hand drawn sketches, fierce prints and bold slashes of colour create a unique vibe in all our streetwear collections.  The result is an edgy look for modern urban life. 


We are stocking in UK stores, online stores and now branching onwards and outwards slapping the world with Purplepeppa style.


Purplepeppa is a brand that likes to keep things fresh, so keep coming back to check out our latest designs.


Purplepeppa have added more to our website for this changing world, we offer a printing service and other products that 

fit into todays life . 




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